Beyond a simple corporate portal.

NN Insurance is the member of NN Group located in the Netherlands. NN Group is operating in 18 countries and ensuring to reach its goals with the efforts of 12 000 employees worldwide: To provide high-quality products and services for 15 million clients.

The former ING Group has been founded in 2003 by the merger of Nationale-Nederlanden and NMB Postbank Group. ING Group was responsible for both the banking and for the insurance divisions. In 2014 NN decided to continue as an independent insurance company, while ING Group took the banking products and services.

Webtown used Liferay to develop the corporate website of NN Hungary. Key features included an investment analysis tool, a sales platform with calculators, internal systems integrations, and a blog. Of course, we’ve had some very tough tasks, and never encountered something that Webtown couldn’t do.
Tamás Kocsis - Head of Marketing


That time when we started this project the insurance company hold its previous name ING, however they wanted to prepare for name changing to NN and related to this fact they also wanted to get ready for the rebranding of their site. Their goal was to promote their products, services and introduce the company as the first step. For existing clients they aimed to provide additional information and also legally binding documents to ensure all the insured are informed properly.

After the name changing, facilitated by the improvement of the regulations on insurance companies NN decided to take steps to let clients taking out their insurances online. Therefore, NN wanted an agile partner for transforming their online channel to a digital retail point.



Our first milestone was to develop a content site for NN with UX-friendly features like yield displaying charts, newsletter signup and document lookup. Then NN’s strategy called for ecommerce solutions that turned to the development of an all-round online sales platform with the necessary features to meet all the regulations declared in the insurance law and in the civil code as well. We developed a comprehensive pricing algorithm that defines quoting process. Among other features we can also highlight policy generation with database storing and automatic email sending with the mandatory documents as well as other useful information.

Before starting the development process of NN’s new platform on the bases of Liferay 6.2 we introduced the agile project methodology through a product owner coaching to be fully transparent how we implement our iterations week by week as a scrum team.