KBC Bank Ireland

Digital Experience Platform for the Customer Champions

The Background

KBC Bank Ireland is one of the biggest and most popular banks in Ireland. Thousands of clients and customers, many different needs and problems to get served and solved.
KBC wanted to renew the Bank's online appearance and usability to make their platforms more comfortable for the customers and more efficient for the organisation itself.
With the specialists of Digital Product Design, the WONDR team, they were able to define their personas with needs and goals, built an excellent user journey plan for the customers and they choose the perfect platform for the best experience: Liferay DXP

Then they had to find the best team for Liferay development.

And this is how we, the team of Webtown got involved in the project to build the most powerful platform for KBC, on behalf of the Customers.



The Project

KBC approached the web development project in a new way. They would work in a real agile way instead to get the project off the ground. They would deal with complexity and uncertainty by working out the finer details as the project went on and rely on the talent of the team to adapt as needed. They brought in Webtown, a customer-centric software development company. 

By putting in the Liferay digital experience platform as a foundation they managed to get a more up-to-date starting point for the website development. This offered faster speed, better accessibility and mobile support out of the box.

While rebuilding the calculators on the site, the team were able to leverage the developer’s experience to reverse-engineer what was there to re-create the calculators in a way that gave the website administrators more control while making the website easier to use for customers.

The customer champions developed new, enterprise-ready ways of working for the development. They brought in cloud-based technology that enabled them to develop safely and release frequently. Then they introduced better practices for documentation, accessibility and data quality management in the team. This led to a higher quality experience and vastly improved usability, because they continued to improve and iterate on the experience while the project went on. This would also make sure the solution would stand the test of time.

The customer champions had all rallied behind the vision to make decisions based on data and give the customers what they wanted, so were able to take decisive action when needed. Webtown activated a second agile team on short notice to power through new requirements as they raced towards the finish line. When they finally put the new solution live, the team was tired – but ecstatic and proud. 


The new solution was very well received. Customer feedback highlighted that the new experience was really easy to use and helped them make decisions. The call centre staff were saving time because customers gave them the right information. The numbers improved as well, the new solution  outperformed the old one with a 30% higher conversion rate, so the project paid itself back really quickly. The champions had delivered a great victory and a new website they were proud of. 

The team of KBC, WondR, Liferay and Webtown proved to be really effective.

All members can be proud of the outcome of this project.

Putting the customer experience at the heart of the plan was my main priority. Luckily we found the perfect partners to achieve our goals and build the perfect platform for KBC Ireland.

Paul Flynn - Head of Digital Channels, KBC



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