A Decade Together

Webtown and Liferay celebrate 10 years of a successful, powerful, great Partnership.

Our Story

It was the middle of 2010 when a new document was signed by two solution-focused IT companies and a fruitful cooperation of two partners has begun. 

This has been the beginning of our common history with Liferay.

So we've been working together since 2010.

10 years... A decade...
A decade of success. A decade of challenges. A decade of experience and digital experience.

And now Webtown is one of the four Multinational Platinum Partners of Liferay on the planet.
It's an amazing feeling, trust me!

Dear Liferay Team, dear Clients of Webtown, thanks a lot!
Looking forward to delivering digital experience together with Liferay into the lives of people around the world in the next decades.

Dear Visitor, here you can find some videos recorded by the team members of Liferay and Webtown where our colleagues share their thoughts on challenges, common memories and hopes.


Are you interested in digital transformation?

Do you want to know more about the partnership of Liferay and Webtown?

Would you like to improve the digital experience your company can give to your visitors and customers?

If the answer is yes for at least one of the questions above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Some of our case studies