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Pesti Vigadó was opened in 1865 and functioned as the centre of Budapest’s social life in every ages.


Served as venue for the concerts of Strauss, Liszt, Erkel, Wagner, Bartók and Dohnányi, for the first contemporary art exhibition in the country organised by the Art Association of Pest, for the first public representative parliament, as well as was the birthplace of Budapest in 1873 via the union of Buda, Pest and Óbuda.

The Hungarian Academy of Arts got the property rights of Vigadó in 2014, but the goals remained the same: maintain and preserve cultural diversity and high artistic standards for the public. According to the quality of events took place in the past years and to the attendance figures Pesti Vigadó become the heart of cultural and touristic life in Budapest again as for many decades before.


Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Ltd. experienced that the former wireframe and design of did not properly fit for every personas they wanted to target with their services. They specified 3 target groups – arriving with the goal to see cultural events, tourist attractions or to organise events – for whom Vigadó wanted to provide tailored content answering their special interests. Furthermore, we were asked to restructure their wireframe to clearly separate every target groups from each other in the meaning of contents, services and site functions.


After redesigning every target groups – arriving with the goal to see cultural events, tourist attractions or to organise events – got a clearly visible click-through element on the main page that drives them to a landing page where they can find every frequently asked information based on their interests or roles. We introduced a new event lookup feature that helps visitors to filter upcoming programs by several attributions letting them to find the best event for their personal demands. Event organisers are also satisfied thanks for a new development helps them to collect more details on the special advantages and services of the halls and rooms available in the building of Pesti Vigadó.

Flexibility and taking care about the Client's needs shows how Webtown works. All of their colleagues are experienced, open-minded so - for us - it was a pleasure to work with them.

Árpád Lesti - Head of Communications