Szerencsejáték Zrt.

The Hungarian National Gambling Company goes with Symfony and eZ Platform

Szerencsejáték Zrt. is the national gaming service provider of Hungary. It has exclusive rights to distribute number draw games, sports bets and prize draw tickets. Presumably, each adult living in Hungary has already met its products in some form, like the five-number draw lottery, the Kenó or the BlackJack prize-draw ticket.





Szerencsejáték Zrt has several own points of sale (lottery shops), and it realises high turnover in the whole territory of the country through its extensive partner network.

In 2013, the Company expressed its need to support the sales processes and B2B communication online. As a result of this, following the organisation of internal interviews and consultations, the invitation public procurement tender for the development of the Sales Support Site (SSS) was launched in September 2013. As the winner of this tender, we commenced our joint work in October, starting the cooperation of Szerencsejáték Zrt and Webtown. 


Of course, the project started with functional specification, and the consultations, interviews needed for preparing the system plan. During this, we planned the operation of the necessary functions and modules, and prepared the draft of each individual site, on the basis of which the graphic image was also developed later on. During planning, it was an important aspect that the nearly 15,000 users working for Szerencsejáték Zrt and the partner network could perfectly use the functions of the new system despite their different internet usage skills, and the use of the SSS would not cause difficulties to anyone. After an intensive planning of 2-3 months, the development works of the SSS started. 

For implementing the system, PHP programming language and Symfony framework system, as well as the MySQL database manager seemed to be the best options, and therefore, we commenced the realisation by using these technologies. 

One of the main functions of the SSS is providing information. For ensuring this, we developed a unique information module, by the help of which the news and promotions can be administrated easily and published in a segmented way, and by selecting from the various appearance schemes on the frontend interfaces, the news and promotions can be disclosed at the perfect place depending on the importance of the different information. Of course, several convenience functions are available to the users, like grouping according to topic, adding to the “favourites”, sending news by email, etc. By the help of the information module, the regulations and printable materials can be accessed, and for handling the urgent problems, we also created an error reporting and FAQ section.  

The launch of the SSS had slightly preceded the launch of EuroJackpot in Hungary, and this way, by the help of the training module of the SSS, each terminal operator acquired the necessary knowledge by the e-learning materials published in SSS and took a successful online exam also in SSS, obtaining the EuroJackpot distribution license. We manage the training materials, the tests, the online exams and the several-day trainings as well in the training module. It offers application and schooling functions, and the users may check the obtained licenses in SSS, together with their own and their assistants’ training history. 


In addition to sharing information, SSS also offers the possibility of online orders to the partners. The administrators of the system may authorise different products and categories for each sector and region, and this way, each user finds the relevant content only. 

In SSS, a menu called “my own site” is available to all registered partners where they can deal with the issues of their personal access and the tasks related to their businesses. The online forms used for reporting obligations, the e-invoices, receipts, balance statements are available here, they can file the request to modify the opening hours of their shops, handle the authorisations needed for their own and their employees’ access, and they can see the turnover data of their businesses in weekly volumes here. 

The SSS has a structure with extremely complex authorisation management. On the one hand, there are backend and frontend users. The first ones are responsible for the operation of the system, while the latter are representatives, operators and terminal operators of the partner network. In the SSS, all contents can be allowed or denied on the basis of regions and sectors.  Furthermore, access to certain functions or contents can be regulated for each user individually. At the frontend, the managers of the businesses can set the authorisations of their own employees, while at the backend, the administrators of the system assign the authorisations to each module separately for the levels of reading and editing. 

During the development of the SSS, we also had integration tasks, as we had to cooperate with the ERP system, invoicing system and HR module of Szerencsejáték Zrt; SMS approval is needed for several functions, and the system also fulfils data supply functions towards the Central Statistical Office. 

The SSS went live in August 2014, and by October, more than 12,000 terminal operators obtained distribution licenses by the help of the online exam and the new web application. According to the feedback, both the representatives of the partner network and the operators of the system have very positive opinions about the system. 

Of course, since the launch in August 2014, we have been developing the application continuously, and as a result of the close cooperation with the partners, Szerencsejáték Zrt plans to add further useful functions to the interfaces of the SSS. 

More details about the new eZ CMS come soon. 

Stay tuned ;)

We decided to simplify our online ecosystem and we choose Webtown to build our first Symfony and eZ Platform softwares. Webtown was flexible and fast in modifying our new functional changes and the softwares are really good and useful.

Dávid Csillag - CIO