Probably the best PHP framework. Probably for the best custom-built softwares.

We know what is the difference between a good software and an excellent one

We had already worked with numerous systems and technologies before deciding to use the Symfony framework in 2007, and we have been developing software on the basis of this since then.

The best systems have modular structures, and therefore, any element can be modified easily in the future.  

We know that the user experience can be enhanced by careful planning and creative implementation. The development of software has to be preceded by the exact assessment of the business needs and the documentation describing the learned needs. It is a basic requirement that all systems shall work on mobile equipment as well. The operation of a system is successful if the client, the developer and the end user are all satisfied with it. Therefore, we work by complying with our own expectations, too.

Development is just the beginning, not the end of our job 

Our primary aim is to fulfill the business needs of our clients perfectly. However, our task does not end here. In a really good developer team, the engineers design the system to be developed so that the completed software would offer much more than anyone could have thought at the beginning of the project. Following the implementation of the systems, we also monitor their afterlife actively.

During our works performed so far, we have developed more than a thousand web-based software products. We have worked together with over a hundred partners, and fought several thousands of professional and human challenges – and found the solution for each problem

Our expectations towards modern software are completely different than 10 years ago

The majority of “canned” software products are developed for general purposes. It contains several functions you don’t need in a given case, and other modules do not contain the extra functions you would prefer.

Unique software is adjusted to your needs. You may decide how it should work, what kind of data are stored by the system, what kind of queries, reports it shall provide.

During the development, we prepare the software dreamt by you in continuous cooperation.

We develop software matching the activities of your company

You do not need to bother with unnecessary, unused functions and operations. We tailor the services requested by you to the needs of your company.

Real freedom in use: if you have a new idea in the future, we can develop and extend the software easily.

100% online applications

We develop web-based, platform-independent software. They are accessible from anywhere; all you need is internet access.

You can use them on any tool – smart phone, tablet and PC – without installation. If required, we also undertake to host our software.

Open source bases

Their advantage is that they result in real cost savings for large company users, mainly arising in the payment of the license fees.

We provide you with quality work: the software is more stable, reliable, with higher performance, as the work is not done by a small developer team.