Liferay DXP. The Digital Experience Platform.

Use a platform that transforms your whole business, and every departments can count on inside your organisation.

An agile platform supports changing business needs

Priorities and demands can be different as quarters goes by. So, you need a technology built to be flexible and fast, so changes in strategy can be quickly implemented by

- modular business services, to quickly implement digital strategy
- flexible workflow tools
- scaling capabilities to meet changing customer demand
- drag-and-drop page builder, including targeted content
- using localization, user segments and more out of the box
- workflow management gets the data to the right people in your organization


Personalized contents drive 89% chance for conversion

Create audience segments based on user behavior (eg. pages visited) and user attributes (e.g., country, social media profiles and more), to deliver content tailored for each of them even in real time. 
It’s possible to create onsite marketing campaigns easily by using personalized contents for the limited period of time.

Create one experience across all touchpoints 

Your customers get one account for all interactions.

Consistent UI supports user journey by Lexicon Design.

Responsive design and reusable services to be consistent everywhere.