eZ Platform

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Organizations today need flexible, reliable technology to deliver the digital experiences of tomorrow. A trusted Symfony CMS from the creators of eZ Publish, eZ Platform Enterprise Edition combines open source innovation with the reliability of a commercial product so your teams can empower the customer journey on the web and beyond

Do You Want a Future-Proof CMS?

Discover what eZ has in store for you.

Multichannel and Multidevice

Developing content solely for a webpage is like trapping it in a spider web. Our repository, web services and APIs enable you to deliver content to various devices, channels and platforms—from desktops, tablets and mobile to Smart TVs, digital signage and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Flexible Content Repository

If you’re looking to deliver a good user experience, you need to start with the right information architecture. Our repository, APIs and tools give you the control to customize the content model, structure your content and reuse it across channels. Make your content more discoverable and easily combine assets into new collections.


Multilingual and Multisite

Do you have multiple sites in different languages? Manage them all from a single content repository, and share, reuse and leverage content in a unified way. eZ Platform Enterprise Edition is perfect for consolidating a large number of web properties, in as many languages as you want.


Go Headless or Traditional

Our platform is based on a decoupled architecture so you have the freedom to go headless or traditional—or a combination of the two depending on the project. Deliver content as a service and work beyond the limitations of traditional web content management, without having to rip and replace or refactor software.