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MAVIR Magyar Villamosenergia-ipari Átviteli Rendszerirányító Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság [MAVIR Hungarian Transmission System Operator Company Ltd., Mavir Zrt] is a young organization involved as part of the MVM group with great traditions and vast experience. Their area of expertise is one of the most important sectors of strategic importance to the national economy and the domestic electricity industry. 



Mavir Zrt's main duties are to provide reliable, efficient and secure operation of the Hungarian Power System including the required reserve capacities of generation and transmission. It ensures the undisturbed operation and further extension of the electricity market and access on equal terms for system users.


Mavir looked to renew their existing corporate web page. They wanted a modern, flexible, and customizable portal solution that could also be applicable for future developments and a potential future intranet. Mavir's previous portal could not fulfill these needs.

The primary goal was to create an easy-to-use portal that features separate roles for content editors and reviewers by pages, and provides the ability to work with existing systems in their infrastructure. Since the most important functions of the extranet are communication and sharing of valuable and relevant information to visitors, it was imperative that portal operation was fast and effective.


In order to find the best suitable solution, Mavir invited several reputable companies to its closed-door tendering process. Webtown, Liferay Hungary Ltd's first service partner, eventually won the tender. The company proved to be trustworthy as it was solely responsible for managing the development and installation process.

During the pilot project, Webtown demonstrated opportunities in Liferay that eventually convinced Mavir to make the switch. These benefits included standards compliance, easy integration with other systems, broad functionality, and easy-to-use user interfaces. In addition, Mavir was impressed with the diversity of Liferay's standard box tools as demonstrated by collaboration features, calendar, and webform.

As the liberalization of the Hungarian electric market generated a need for information from the vendor's side, Webtown developed Liferay portlets that visualized huge amounts of real-time and static data needed for daily trading operations. These graphs displayed the current accurate system load, statistic-based predictions, and import-export data all based on xml responses from the "Spectrum" system.

However, the main features that were used during the project were CMS and staging. The staging system had to be rewritten at the core level to handle editors and reviewers who only had access to some of the pages, according to LDAP user groups. The editing rights are now limited according to user levels and groups upon signing in. Webtown had implemented the page level and menu level entitlement for the process of editing and approving links with SSO from Novell eDirectory. Webtown has also developed a CMS hook that implements extend-collapse functionality to fulfill the special needs of Mavir.

Liferay Portal satisfied all of Mavir's expectations as the system is performing well, and Mavir wishes to continue the project long-term with the help of Webtown.

We had a lot of problems with our old, and separated online softwares so we decided to step on the way of integrated solutions. Webtown, and their Liferay-based digital solutions increased our efficiency, made our daily work faster and easier. It is obvious that Liferay is the portal development platform that we needed.

Lajos Garai - Application operator