How we work?

Quality. Efficiency. Focus. It's not bullsh*t. You should try.


  • Quick release cycles for easy course corrections and fast reactions to the market

  • Visibility is essential to make the right decisions

  • Lowering the risk enhances productivity

  • Feedback and the willingness to adapt are the ingredients of a successful product

    Quality first.

    We, the Wioneers believe, that quality in software development means the highest level.

    We believe that in software development, the primary meaning of quality is the perfection of compliance with the business goals, which inherently includes the clear understanding of the requirements, and the high-level development skills associated to this, as the combined result of which the software and its related resulting products emerge.

    We also believe that the exact matching of requirements and solutions leads to the creation of value if it takes place at the same time, thus the only real solution is software that is delivered quickly, in good quality and free from errors.

    The fact that our solutions meet all three conditions means that we follow the agile guidelines, for which we use the SCRUM framework. Our SCRUM teams are self-organizing, cross-functional, and they deliver and refine their own techniques at the same time in 1-week sprints, thus ensuring continuous improvement.

    In accordance with our guidelines, our agile approach is applied not only in software production, but our entire company is being built as a flat organization, thus providing the self-organization and space required for intellectual work and evolution.