Customer expectations have increased: They require a faster and more on demand service, along with the increasing trend of going online to obtain medical information, such as researching doctors or booking appointments. 

To fulfill these requirements, digitalization is essential. Liferay DXP serves healthcare providers, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and medical companies in order to provide the best experience to their customers.

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Since 2005 we have been working on providing the best digital experience to our partners and their customers. 
We can help you achieve your goals as smoothly as possible in the digital world.  
We're here to help you in
strengthening your digital presence and to support you in building a truly successful,  experience-, and efficiency-focused digital platform for your business.
Make your customers pleased and committed.

Make Digital Experience Happen.

Our team is built up from more than 50 highly skilled professionals. Thanks to our working method, which is nothing else, but AGILE, we are able to enrich any system with perfectly performing digital functions even in two weeks. Next to our professional experience, expertise, daily working method and commitment, our transparency is the key to make your organisation become a real pioneer in the digital solutions field.

One of our most important references, we are extremely proud of, is a complex development as a part of the Hungarian E-Health system, that contains e-profiles, e-documents and appointment platform for vaccination among others. Moreover, we were involved in the creation of VaccInTime, in collaboration with Comnica and DeepInsight Creative. The essence of the system is to remind parents in a text message on their children's upcoming vaccines.

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