BKK - the traffic organizer of Budapest

Business consulting and Liferay portal

BKK-Közút Zrt performs the operation and maintenance tasks of the roads, bridges, structures owned by the Municipality of Budapest, of the traffic technology facilities in the area of Budapest, as well as of the roads not possessed by Budapest but used for public transport. By their work, they aim to make transport quicker and safer on the roads of Budapest.


  • They constantly monitor the traffic and traffic safety parameters of the – nearly 5000-kilometre - road network of Budapest.
  • They ensure the continuous and safe operation of the tools and facilities regulating traffic (65,000 signs, 280,000 road signs, 1000 crossroads with traffic lights).
  • They operate the closed-circuit traffic monitoring system consisting of nearly 200 cameras.
  • They perform the operation tasks of the highways managed by the Municipality of Budapest, as well of as the public road network used for public transport and the related bicycle roads of 1070 km, 320 road and pedestrian bridges, overpasses (including 13 Danube bridges), 72 road and pedestrian underpasses, 15 height limit gates and other structures.
  • They restore several ten thousands of road defects, potholes by various asphalt technologies.

For performing its tasks, it operates a fleet of more than 100 machines and vehicles, the fuel supply of which is provided by the fuel station located at the company’s site. Beforehand, the registration, monitoring and inventory of such fuel use were performed on paper, without automation, which made the everydays of the company difficult both from the controlling and the financial management aspects.


As a result of our work, the process of receiving fuel was regulated and the paper-based transactions were eliminated. This way, refuelling is recorded in real time, automatically in the Letter of Transit management and Inventory recording systems, where these are processed, inventoried and checked automatically.




The managers of the company considered it to be important that in relation to fuel use, the fuel inventory, consumptions, letters of transit and machine operation logs be registered by timely methods not requiring human intervention. Thanks to this, the administrative errors can be filtered out and minimized immediately, and the critical events affecting the processes (e.g. error of the meter recording service hours) can be seen in a transparent way, in a short time. 


During the project, we had to prove our competences in several areas for perfect success. After specifying the client’s need, the starting conditions had to be assessed as the main task. In addition to becoming familiar with the existing regulations, we made interviews and examined the available data. Following this, we made a recommendation for the technical solution and the preparation/modification of the necessary regulations after accurate planning. 

After the client’s approval, we managed the replacement of the refueling equipment, and performed the IT and network developments without obstructing the daily use. Following the switch, we supported the launch of the new system by trainings and professional support. 

In addition to our electrical engineer colleague and consultants, our developers also helped completing this work. 

Webtown built a scalable enterprise portal solution to manage workflow across multiple departments. One key feature was a control system for the traffic lights and cameras in a major city. They provide us quality work: the software is more stable and reliable and performs at a higher level than ever before.

Csaba Nagy - CTO